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Why us

The Music Loft Academy (TMLA) is a premier online academy dedicated to the success of online musical studies. TMLA has created a culture of excellence in music by utilizing cutting edge technology alongside a team of passionate music professionals.

Benefits of Online Learning with TMLA

  • Many students in remote areas do not have many options when it comes to learning an instrument. Online classes give them the opportunity to improve their skills without having to travel long distances to a physical music school.
  • Learn from the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Access to exceptional educators who will provide you with one on one personalized instruction. Lessons are crafted to your learning style and the fundamentals are incorporated into music that you enjoy.
  • Access your weekly personalized lesson plan in your custom classroom/calendar for easy reference and review.
  • 24/7 access to premier software applications and other learning tools.
  • Access to an extensive content and course music library.
  • Screen sharing feature puts you and the teacher literally “on the same page”. Your teacher can share materials such as supplemental music, videos and more during your lesson.
TMLA provides access to MusicFirst ™ which is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) for K-12 music education. This proprietary learning platform offers the student:
  • Premier software applications for Music Theory and Performance Assembles such as; Auralia, Musition, PracticeFirst, Sight Reading Factory, Focus on Sound and more.
  • Content library at your fingertips, so that your teacher can assign you a broad range of courses, units, lessons and assessments curated by professional music educators.
  • A robust curriculum of music topics and concepts that correspond with individual state by state standards.
  • A Calendar to keep track of lessons, assignments and assessments.
  • A variety of interactive multimedia elements and much more!

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The Music Loft Academy’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of every student we teach. It is our desire to foster the development of each student’s unique voice, creativity, and self expression. We do so utilizing innovative technology alongside a team of passionate music professionals whose focus remains on fostering your musical talents.


Whether it be through private lessons, classes, festivals, competitions, performances, or webinars, our focus remains on fostering your musical talents.

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Become part of our tradition of excellence. We invite you to explore our exceptional faculty and programs to discover the many ways you can achieve your goals with The Music Loft Academy.


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