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Welcome to The Music Loft Academy (TMLA) for Music and Arts.

I want to share with you my journey in creating The Music Loft Academy (TMLA). A few years ago, I was introduced to The Music Loft, a music school in Northern Virginia with studio locations in Herndon and Ashburn. I had discussions with the owners on how they were able to provide students with an exceptional music education in a healthy, nurturing environment. They explained there are several distinct elements that must be incorporated into a successful music education program.

These distinct elements include a robust curriculum, multiple performance and ensemble opportunities, professional educators, and a genuine desire to share the joy of music. I was inspired to expand upon The Music Loft’s education model. TMLA was therefore conceived, and I am excited to share this revamped model with you.

TMLA has reimagined what learning music online can be, by bringing innovative, creative teachers together with Music First, a cutting edge educational platform. Our high-quality, affordable, immersive programs are committed to maintaining excellence in an online format. Every TMLA online program is built on a foundation of exceptional faculty, progressive technology, and exacting educational standards. TMLA’s robust curriculum coincides with state standards, making it the only platform for a comprehensive music education.

Join us as we nurture, create and instill a love of music in every student we teach.


Tim Barber


The Music Loft Academy

Be a part of our tradition of excellence.

The Music Loft Academy’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of every student we teach. It is our desire to foster the development of each student’s unique voice, creativity, and self expression. We do so utilizing innovative technology alongside a team of passionate music professionals whose focus remains on fostering your musical talents.

Whether it be through private lessons, classes, festivals, competitions, performances, or webinars, our focus remains on fostering your musical talents.

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