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The Royal Conservatory Certification

We are proud to introduce
The Royal Conservatory Program

The RCM Certificate Program incorporates repertoire, etudes/studies, sight reading, ear training, technique and theory into a structured curriculum that is designed to assess the students progress and musical growth. At the completion of each level a Certificate of Achievement can be earned by successfully completing a Royal Conservatory practical examination.

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is most appropriate for students who are dedicated to their instrument and are interested in receiving recognition in a program that is internationally renowned and sets the standard for music education and achievement.


Achievement in RCM examinations are recognized in schools, which may help you reach your goals to be selected for accelerated programs such as the AAP (Advanced Academic Program) and magnet High Schools.


As the premier online music school, TMLA has partnered with MusicFirst ™, the leading comprehensive music education program specifically designed to provide the user with a range of integrated music tools, software, and resources.


Pairing the MusicFirst ™ integrated software with RCM, provides the student with an abundant amount of tools for success in the Royal Conservatory Certificate program.

Included in your personal MusicFirst ™ Classroom
  • Auralia – The most comprehensive ear training tool available. There are 59 topics in Auralia®, divided into seven groups: Rhythm, Intervals & Scales, Chords, Harmony & Form, Pitch & Melody, Repertoire and Musical Elements. Auralia® covers all your ear training needs with real audio and notation, linked to relevant curriculum. Aurelia 7 encompasses all of the Royal Conservatory requirements and more.
  • Musition – Music theory software, suitable for students of all ages and levels. Become an expert at reading sheet music, recognizing time signatures, notating rhythms, understanding intervals, matching keys signatures and more. Musician is an invaluable tool for Royal Conservatory theory and sight reading component of the exam.
  • A robust curriculum of music topics and concepts that correspond with individual state by state standards such as the National Core Arts Standards and Virginia Music Standards of Learning.
  • Access your weekly personalized lesson plan in your custom classroom/calendar for easy reference and review.
  • Access to an extensive course and content music library so you can choose from a broad range of courses, units, lessons and assessments curated by professional music educators.
  • Calendar to keep track of lessons, assignments and assessments.
  • Subscription to In Tune monthly magazine.

Lessons start at $195/month. Family discounts are available.

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Advantages of the RCM Certificate Program

High quality:
The Royal Conservatory program offers a rigorous, internationally renowned standard of music
education, discipline and assessment.


The RCM Certificate Program incorporates repertoire, etudes/studies, sight-reading, ear training,
technique and theory for multiple disciplines.


The program provides a clear leveled path for well-rounded musical training, and a consistent and
meaningful structure for recognizing achievement, and rewarding excellence.


School Advancement:
Achievement in RCM examinations are recognized in schools, which may help you reach your goals to be
selected for accelerated programs such as the AAP (Advanced Academic Program) and magnet High


Recognition of Achievement:
Student performance is recognized at each level through examinations and regional and national
awards. Students can celebrate their accomplishments and track their progress.


Meet our RCM Teachers


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Used by over 30,000 teachers to support 500,000 students across North America, RCM is the gold standard
for developing high-caliber musical literacy. Our national program uses standardized curriculum and a
progressive model to provide a guided pathway to learning. RCM conducts standardized examinations and
recognizes student achievement with awards, including national gold medals for more than 20 instruments
and voice.Parent Guide to RCM

The RCM curriculum can be purchased through the RCM bookstore. They are not sold anywhere else. There is also an exam fee for each level of exams. The exam cost differs and is dependent upon the exam level. Once you have registered for free, RCM will send you updates and occasionally offer discounts on books. This is a great time to purchase the next level of materials.

Speak to your instructor about the program. They can advise you if the program would be a good fit for your student. In order to begin the RCM certificate program, the student must have a working knowledge of the instrument. That means beginner level materials must be completed before the student can begin the RCM program.

The RCM program requires the student to take a test at each level in the following areas; repertoire memorization, technique, musicianship, and theory. If the student successfully completes the level exam they are awarded a certificate of completion and may then advance to the next level of studies. The Music Loft Academy SoMA curriculum also teaches repertoire, technique, musicianship and theory along with utilizing proprietary software, however there are no official certifications and the curriculum is closely tailored to your child’s learning style.

Step 1: Set up a log-in and register the student through the RCM website
Step 2: Find TMLA or your teacher’s name and link it to your student.
Step 3: Confer with your teacher to select the correct Level of study and then purchase all RCM materials from the RCM bookstore. The materials are only available through RCM.
Step 4: When the teacher indicates the student is ready for the exam, the parent is responsible for the cost associated with taking the exam.

Meet our RCM Teachers

Sharon Bernson
Sharon Bernson
Management Consultant Liaison
Laura Readyoff
Laura Readyoff
Management Consultant Liaison

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