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Why should someone in an orchestra consider online private lessons?

Private instruction is much more in depth than what a teacher can give a student in a classroom setting and it is tailored to the specific needs of the student. Your teacher at school will teach your child all of the basics of playing. But, as you can imagine, these classes are full. Teachers cannot provide one-on-one instruction time with every student. Most students have their own unique physical tendencies that require one on one time. As the student continues through middle and high school, the students have not had their technical issues addressed and playing more difficult music becomes a huge undertaking. Studying privately, will ensure that the student thoroughly learns the instrument and forms correct playing posture, and habits that will carry them successfully forward.

Private instruction is much more likely to lead to a long and positive experience. A private teacher deepens the student’s understanding and mastery of technique and teaches them how to practice effectively in order to improve as a player. All of this leads to a more satisfying musical experience. A student can do much more by having private lessons. The can handle their orchestra parts with much less trouble, play solo pieces, perform in higher level ensembles in their school, play in youth orchestras, apply for scholarships in college to play in Orchestra (even if the student is not a music major), and play into adulthood in various community orchestras, religious settings, and more. Music compliments your life and makes it better.